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Diversify Your Content for Better SEO: A Quick Guide

When it comes to content,the immediate thought that crosses the minds of many business owners is publishing blog post. What they don’t realize is that only covers one aspect of content.

Content can be anything as long as it delivers value to an audience. An infographic,video,white paper,or even an email can be considered content. The important thing,however,is learning how to diversify your content to get more eyes on your brand.

As you start your search engine optimization training in Hong Kong,you can have a deeper understanding of how to leverage great content for your business.

1. Look at the trends

The first thing you can do is to see what’s trending. This allows you to tap into the interests of your audience and get an idea of what type of content they’re likely to consume.

2. Repurpose content

You don’t have to stick to blog posts for your content strategy. Look at your top performing blogs and transform them into other content formats. For example,creating an infographic can be a great idea to better illustrate examples you’ve mentioned in a blog. This provides you with an additional linkable asset for your link building efforts.

3. Align topics with audience intent

Don’t stick to keywords. Stick to topics. It’s what will make your content more enjoyable to consume. More than that,your audience will be able to relate more to your brand and be repeat visitors.

Learn how to maximize your content marketing efforts and give your brand additional leverage online. Start your content training today.

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